Completion of St. Agnes Church Renovation

New Guild Studio has just completed the final renovation phase of it's design for the worship space of St. Agnes Parish in North Huntingdon, PA. It has been a multi step process that included designing and fabricating new liturgical furnishings, creating a new reredos triptych panel with artwork and new carved Crucifix, redefining the choir area, Station of the Cross and devotional statue decorative backgrounds, and new flooring surfaces.

The final phase was the design and construction of the front wall reredos panels, creating the artwork and Cross, and painting and installing the carved Corpus that was produced by our woodcarver in Italy.
The artwork was designed and produced by David Miriello on canvas in our studio which was then installed onto the reredos as the panel surfaces became ready. David Korns designed, built and finished the Crucifix, painting it and the woodcarved Corpus. The Cross's copper reliefs of the symbols of the four Evangelists were done by Suzanne Miriello.
This final piece was then suspended on the reredos surface.

We have received many compliments on this project and are quite pleased with it's outcome.

Central Catholic High School Bronze Sculpture

The bronze sculpture that New Guild Studio was commisioned to design and produce was shipped from the Italian foundry at the end of July 2016. It arrived at the Central Catholic High School STEM Building job site and was installed successfully in time for the new buildings dedication in early September. 

Central Catholic High School Bronze Sculpture

The next step taken by New Guild is to refine the design drawings for the Client's approval. These drawings, along with other reference materials, are then sent to the woodcarver in Italy to be used to produce the final carvings that will be sent to the foundry for casting. After these drawings were worked up by David Korns, he then used them to create a more defined idea of the how the finished piece would be in the space. 

Central Catholic High School Bronze Sculpture

New Guild Studio was commissioned in 2015 by Brother Robert Schaefer, FSC, principal of Pittsburgh's Central Catholic High School, to design a bronze sculpture for the courtyard of their new STEM Building. The theme of the piece was to be based on Saint John Baptiste de la Salle, the patron Saint of teachers.

To start the project, a number of conceptual renderings were done by David Korns, with the approved one being shown. The other renderings showed multiple students but in the end, the choice was to have just one seated student with St John Baptiste de la Salle. From this point, David starts to do more detailed drawings.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We here at New Guild would like to take a moment to remember what this season is all about.  We would also like to thank all who have looked to us for artistic guidance in making their place of worship reflect the devotion and love that they have for their faith.  We are truly blessed to be a part of the lives of so many families thoughout this great nation and especially here in Pittsburgh, PA.

We thank you all and hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and a joyous new year.

-The families of New Guild Studio

Randome Projects

Suzann and David Miriello work on many projects at once at New Guild. Here are three separate jobs lined up!